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Membership is only open to persons seeking or holding a state license for commercial cannabis activity in the State of California. Membership dues are determined by the number of licenses and the type of licenses you are applying for. Dues can be paid on an annual basis or a monthly basis.


The Board of Directors shall be composed of 65% Growers at all times. Growers may hold one or more of the following licenses but may not hold any other license type:

  • Class 1c: Cottage
  • Class 1: Specialty
  • Class 2: Small
  • Class 3: Medium
  • Class 4: Nursery
  • Class P: Processing
  • Class unknown: Distribution-Transport

Annual Dues for Growers in 2018:

  • Cottage: $500 per year
  • Specialty: $1000 per year
  • Small: $2500 per year
  • Medium: $5000 per year
  • Large: $10,000 per year


This type of membership is appropriate for businesses seeking a licenses in categories 6 through 13, in addition to or exclusive of a cultivation license. These are voting members and may serve on the board of directors. Associate members may include:

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Testing lab
  • Retail (storefront or delivery)
  • Micro-business.

Annual Dues for Associates in 2018:

  • Class 1: Specialty: Single license type: $2500 per year
  • Class 2: Small: No more than two license types: $5000 per year
  • Class 3: Medium: Three or four licenses: $7500 per year
  • Class 4: Large: Five or more licenses $10000 per year
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